Tessier Reunion Held August 7

The third annual Tessier reunion held August 7 at the home of Napoleon Tessier sr at Copenhagen. Officers elected were President, Mose Tessier; Vice President, Donald Rook; Secretary and Treasurer, Jr., Sports Committee, Joseph Burnett, Jr. Robert Tessier, Marjorie Tessier, Genevieve Brunet.

Those attending were Aurilie Hubert, Providence, R.I., Mr. and Mrs. Napoleon Tessier, Sr., Mr. and Mrs. Napoleon Tessier, Jr., and son, Mrs. Mary Youngs and children, of Copenhagen; Mr. and Mrs. William Tessier, Mr. and [Mrs.] Leland Lashbrook and sons, Howard and Dexter Tessier, Syracuse; Mr. and Mrs. Horace Ray and children, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Ward and children, Mrs. and Mrs. Leo Tessier and children, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence S[?], Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ray and children, Mrs. Florence Mahar, Mr. and Mrs. Mose Tessier, of Adams; Joseph Gouff, Mrs. Rosalba Terrillon and son, Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Rook of Watertown, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Brunet, Jr. of West Hermon.

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Brunet Sr. and children, Richville; Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Brunet and children, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Toomey, Gouverneur; Mr. and Mrs. Guy Paro and family, DeKalb; Mr. and Mrs. Albert Richer and family.

Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred DeChene, Ernest DeChene of Tupper Lake; Mr. and Mrs. Walter Dunn and children, Big Moose; Mr. and Mrs. Joe Cady, Newton Falls.

Visitors were Mrs. A Fields, Canada; William Davis, Hermon; George Stowell, Fine; Clarence and Victor Mayville, Tupper Lake; Mr. Lane of Providence, R.I. and Mr. Davis of Adams.

It was voted to all meet at Leo Tessier’s farm, Lowville, next year the first Sunday of August.

As reported Wednesday, August 17, 1938, page 4, column 2 in The Tribune-Press, Gouverneur, New York.