Amount carried over from 1981 was $159.79.
Postage for mailing invitations totaled $14.00
Prized and other expenses totaled $145.79.
Leaving a balance to carry forward of $—0—

$162.05 was collected. Had a wonderful time. Very sunny day. Activities consisted of swimming games, prizes, lots of good food, singing, and a softball game. Attendance was down.

Officers were elected – same as year before. They must have done a real good job! It was voted that the reunion be held at the Oasis again next year.

President: Rick Theiser
Secretary: Carolyn Monroy
Treasurer: Lori Gaebel
Vice Pres.: Will Thesier

No prize was given for most pregnant. Not one person was pregnant. Let’s see what happen next year!

Youngest girl – Amy Thesier
Youngest boy – Samuel Thesier
Old maid – Helena Smith
Oldest woman – Marion Roy
Old bachelor – Eugene Thesier
Oldest man – Jim Brennan
Furthest traveled – Lisa & Cherie Pape
Most children present – Katherine Thesier
Boobie Prize – Marion Roy