The 1994 family reunion was held at Thesier Park, owned by Fred & Louise Thesier, on the Black River in Carthage. It was estimated that 182 people were present. There was swimming, playground equipment, volleyball, and other organized games for the children. The adults participated in some friendly contests of horseshoes and spent the afternoon catching up on all the news throughout the family. Photo albums were put out for everyone to look at along with the family histories. We had a great musical and sing-along time with super guitar and fiddle players.

After enjoying the many and varied dishes brought by everyone, the official meeting was called to order by Art Richer and the minutes of the 1993 meeting were read and  approved. The different branches of the family were then recognized.

A sincere Thank you was offered to Fred and Grant and their work crews for the
tremendous amount of time and effort it took to get the park ready on time for this reunion. Current officers were introduced: Will Thesier and Art Richer – Co-presidents, Ruth Gaebel, Treasurer and Secretaries – Linda Scott and Paulette Teta.

Will Thesier made a motion that Fred and Louise Thesier be presented with $50 to help defray the cost of utilities during this reunion day, Dick Gaebel seconded the motion, which was approved, unanimously. The question was posed as to where the reunion should be held in 1995. The Brunet family members present were asked about the family’s feelings on traveling to Carthage again next year, or would they prefer to hold the reunion at Grandy’s. Everyone was in agreement to hold the reunion the first Sunday in August (Aug 6, 1995) at Thesier Park.

Ruthie Gaebel gave the Treasurer’s report which was as follows:

Last year’s balance was $354.30, $314.99 was spent which left a balance of $39. $54 in raffle tickets were purchased for the radio and the 50/50 raffle netted $45. The ($45 going to the winners) The hat was passed and everyone present was very generous. After presenting Fred and Louise with $50, the available balance for next year’s reunion is $461.00.

The 50/50 raffle winners were announced (it was decided to have three winners of $15 each) The winners were Ruthie Gaebel, Jay Richer and Rita Cummings. The winner of the radio raffle was Morris Frechette. Prizes were then awarded to the following:

Oldest woman – Katherine Thesier – 94
Oldest Man – Dexter Tessier – 78
Longest Married Couple with both present – Rebecca & Francis Brunet
Youngest girl – Megan Hamilton (8 months), daughter of Alan & Lori Hamilton (who also won the prize in 1993 for their other daughter Amy)
Youngest boy – Christopher Cole, son of Carolyn and Larry Cole

The election of officers then took place.

Art Richer was nominated for President, and voted in.
Paulette Teta (now Paulette Fish) and Linda Scott were nominated and voted in as the respective family secretaries.
Ruth Gaebel was nominated and voted in as Treasurer.

It was suggested that Rick Thesier and Carolyn Cole (much to their chagrin) run the
children’s games at next year’s reunion. We’ll see!

The meeting was adjourned everyone continued to have a great time.