1O years ar Thesier Park

Everyone started showing up around 1 pm. We all had good food and desserts.
Meeting started around 2?.
I read the minutes. Will did the roll call. Most all were well represented.
We paid our respects for the deceased: Jennie Stowell, Bill Doud, Don Peters.
We honored Uncle Fred for the park that he built. Thanked Leo & Beth / Gordy &
Kathy and all who helped with the park preps.

Nominated officers:
President – Will Thesier
Treasurer – Steve Thesier
Secretary – Debbie Thesier
added Game Coordinator – Laura Thesier
Steve read the treasurer’s report.
Thanked Leo and Beth for the park

Awarded gifts and door prizes:
Farthest traveled – Sherry Gaebel
Oldest bachelor – Eugene Thesier
Oldest maid- Sharon Richer
Oldest man- Francis Brunet
Oldest woman – Louis Clark
Longest married – Francis & Rebecca Brunet
Youngest boy – Christopher [Brunet]
Youngest girl – Karen Salati
2 50/50s- Fran & Tim Thesier
Closest to the pin – Sherry Thesier

We voted on where to hold reunion next year – here of course.
Held the kids games afterwards …
All had fun!