2004 meeting opened around 2:30pm. I read the minutes. Steve read the treasurer’s report. We honored those that have passed Uncle will did the roll call. Most all were well represented. Voted on where to hold reunion next year. Unanimously here. Voted on officers:

Treasurer – Allen Thesier
Secretary – Debbie Thesier
President – Rick Thesier

We honored Louise and Leo thanked all that were involved with the set up
We did the gifts:

Youngest boy – David White
Youngest girl – ? brandon
Longest married – mugs gabe Gaebel
Youngest married – ?
Oldest woman – Theresa Perrin
Oldest man – Frances Brunet
Oldest maid – Jan Phillips
Oldest bachelor – Eugene Thesier
Farthest traveled – California

We did the raffles, 50/50s … tape ran out
We held the kids games and all had fun