We opened the meeting at approximately 2:00 with Uncle Will Thesier on the microphone. We held the moment of silence for those that have passed away. Rev. Mike Thesier prayed on behalf of those that could not be here this year.

Deb Thesier read the minutes. Allen Thesier read the treasurer’s report. Uncle Will did the family roll call. Most all were well represented. Kathy and Gordy Meade took the mike and thanked everyone involved with getting the park ready under the circumstances (thanks Mother Nature). Took nominations on where the reunion will be held next year, and unanimously voted for here (Thesier Park.)


Longest married – Francis & Becky Brunet
Oldest man – Francis Brunet
Oldest lady – Theresa Perrin
Youngest girl – Gracy Thesier
Youngest boy – Joshua Hamilton
Furthest traveled – Sherry Gaebel
Newest married – Patty & Vince Lemieux
Closest distance – Ruth & Dick Gaebel

Then came the door prizes and 50/50 raffle. Two Richer boys won and donated it back to the kitty. We voted on officers and all accepted the same positions for another year. Then Uncle Will closed the meeting and the kids had their games. Uncle Will, Sharon, and Jay played their instruments.