Rev. Mike Thesier led a prayer and moment of silence for our recently departed; Tom Thesier, Josephine Prashaw, Roger Perrin, Glen Baker, Leona Clark, Joseph [?] Jr.

Jay Thesier led the roll call. Most all were well represented. Deb Thesier read the minutes from 2007. We thanked Gordy and Kathy Meade for the hard work getting ready and all the crew and cooks.

We voted on where to hold the reunion next year. Unanimously voted for Thesier Park.

Officers we elected:

President – Jay Thesier
Vice President – Leo Thesier
Secretary – Deb Thesier
Treasurer – Al Thesier
Games Coordinator – Laura Thesier

Gifts were given out for:

Oldest man – Francis Burnet
Oldest woman – Theresa Perrin
Longest married – Frances & Becky Brunet
Newest married – Vince & Patty Lemieux
Youngest boy – Gavin Thesier (11 wks)
Youngest girl – Alison Richer
Farthest traveled – David Gaebel (from CA)
(NEW) Most children present – it was tied [?] and [?]

New Business proposal to move reunion to first Saturday in August. 71 ayes, 21 nays. Approved by Gordy & Kathy.

Time Gaebel announced a new award to honor an inlaw for their efforts made in the interest of the family. It is the Donald Peters “Outlaw” award in honor of Uncle Don Peters. Nominees: Joyce Thesier, Gordon Meade. Also, we presented a lifetime achievement award to Uncle [Gale?] Gaebel.

Jan Phillips thanked everyone invloved in the compiling and printing of Aunt Marge’s book of past reunion memories.

We did the 50/50. $175 to Aunt Joyce Thesier. Then we handed out the door prizes.

Al Thesier read the treasurer’s report. Unanimously approved the park fee, thanked Gordy and Kathy for their hospitality. we honored Uncle Fred Thesier for having made this park possible.

Meeting was adjourned.