Eugene Xavier (Gene)

Eugene Thesier
Born 5-29-1904
Died 7-12-1927

Eugene Thesier was next to the last child of Mose and Rosanne. He was born in Fine, NY, but moved with the family to the farm in Lowville when he was about 9 years old. He must have gone to a country school through the 8th grade and then probably went to Lowville Academy for his high school education.

He married Florence Peebles August 16, 1926 at St. Peters Catholic Church in Lowville. We always called her Aunt Chancy. Florence’s sister Glendora was the maid of honor and Louis, his brother, was the best man. After a honeymoon to Syracuse and other points through the western and northern parts of the state, they made their home in West Martinsburg, NY.

After he was married, he went to work for the Town of Martinsburg. One day, about a year after they had been married, he was working with a gang of men on the road near Whitaker’s Falls. After eating their lunch, he and 4 of his friends went for a swim at a pond at Whitaker Falls. They had only been in the water a few minutes when it is believed that Eugene was overcome with cramps and drowned. The water there was 7 to 25 ft deep according to the report in the paper, and it was a half hour before his body was found.

Eugene and Florence had not had any children yet. I have no memory of Eugene as I was only 4 years old at the time of his death. His wife was a lovely person and I got to know her as I grew up. She was still such a part of the family. Everyone called her Aunt Chancy. She was at every reunion and gathering of the family. A few years later she remarried a wonderful man by the name of John Mahar who became another part of our family. They even had the reunion at their farm a few years later.

So the story of Eugene is very short as was his life. He was only 23 years old when he died. So young–

This story of Uncle Gene was written by Marge Thesier Phillips.